How to Record an Album

Upcoming Driftless Pony Club shows:

Madison, WI
Saturday, January 21st
Johnson Public House
w/ Dr. Dolphin
7:30pm All Ages

Marquette, MI
Sunday, January 22nd
Up Front and Company
102 Main St
8pm All Ages

How to Stay Warm

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-Personal Goals
-Lose 10 pounds
-Smile More than 358 times
-2 day beard scraggle limit
-Go to Europe
-Get Cousin Lois to watch a video.
-Shoutouts at least once a month
-Make amends with Eagle
-Find and stop Revenge Clone
-Solve washer and dryer mystery
-Solve teleporting mug mystery
-Clean the Whale Tank
-Pick up green marker

-Video Goals
-4 videos a week or punished
-2 Westerns
-3 Action Adventures
-5 Choose your own adventures
-3 Film Noirs
-1 Sports related
-2 Musicals
-3 Music Videos
-12 Comment videos
-5 Creative Analysis/Inspirational
-Test out Explosion Wednesday
-Display new couch.
-Complete Seasons 3 and 4 of Ty the Regular Guy
-Bring back Free Bagel Friday
-Wheezynews twice a week

-General Wheeziness Goals
-New T-shirt once a Month
-3 blog posts a week. More than just video
-Raise 20K for good causes