the day after yesterday

allow this movie to be the hair of the dog that bit you...
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  1. I'm posting within an hour of posting. That's a lot of good work in five minutes.

  2. that must have been a crazy five minutes...and personally I think that the canadian mounty horse is overrated.

  3. too nate too furiousJuly 6, 2007 at 12:01 AM

    it was actually posted after 7 minutes, not 5. Not to point out the flaws like "yourstruly". try the scandiavian doppleganger, no hangover garauntee

  4. WW, how many decimal spots of Pi can you recite?


  5. Show the clock if you will, lie, be immoral...
    but there should be a fecking point!!

    You don't want a bunch of sycophants.
    I'm honing you for greatness like whittling a stick.


    ...have I just given a better rating because it was actually better, or because the euphoria of achieving an unthinkable level of notoriety has addled my brain?

    Yours sycophantically Truly

  6. First of all, I love Canadians. I literally love at least one, and I probably love three OR MORE.

    Also, was that sound effect from Gohstbusters? If so, nice. If not, fuck you (not you though).

    Umm, I go by WW on another website. Are you refering to me? Either way, my answer is 3.14159

    I had 562 as the next 3 digits before posting, and google listed 265 (which I believe to be correct), so I guess the answer is 6.

    (I consider "decimal spots" to = significant figures)

    I am also drunk

  7. use your tongue this time. bravo sir.

  8. Hey Benzine,
    I want that shirt.
    Yum Yum Yum
    Check the 3 Udders Blog.