Die as hard as you can

Hey, beardlovers. This ode to the Die Hard series is linked from the Ze Frank blog. I hate to be redundant, but I had to post it. Everyone should see it. Especially my dad.

Behind me on the shit box Carson Daily is interviewing Cameron Diaz during Live Earth. Ooooh, now Madonna is singing. It sounds like a parakeet trying to mimic a vacuum cleaner. I gotta hurry, I can't miss this.

Good job on the drunk comment, Ryan. Remember everybody, drunk comment tonight...after you're done watching Live Earth of course.

Damn, look at all the celebrities in the tags!


  1. Hey BenZahahine,
    I'm not that drunk but, if you can't be anibriated on If this was earth day day, what the fuck. Yes, drinking is earthry, right, i mean cum on, yes, bee with muther earth, she is the one. eunezykh, is what i have to type in to accept this comment, are you kinding mee\\? wjat ever. i love you a lot. a lot, yep, honk if you're horny!!! i read that somewhare, laters dude.!!!
    chris klopatick

  2. It's late on a Saturday night so I am posting this drunk and naked. Thought I would like to complain about why she went home with that douche bag (seriously, what is she still doing here), I'm really here to complain about why the Die Hard box set is not discounted on Amazon yet. There will clearly be more movies and so more box sets, why won't they sell that to me for like, lets say 20 bucks. I guess I'll have to be forced to pirate that shit like 'Serveur Asthmatique' the French dubbed podcast I'm passing off as my own.

  3. mmmmmorerobotitude pleaseJuly 8, 2007 at 7:54 AM

    I'm not technically drunk, but I'm really high on percoset and vicodin! I'm seeing trails and auras! (I'm on heavy antibiotics, so if I took your advice to get good and drunk, I might die. Do you really want me to DIE? Do you want that on your conscience?!) So... does his count? Do I get a prize for honesty/creativity?! If so, your aura is a bright, happy yellow. If not, your aura is black... black as your soul.

    Also, your videos lack robots of any kind. More robotitude, please!

  4. shit. i accidentally posted a drunk comment on west wash and not here.