momento crucial

Hey, beardlovers. Tonight I finally earn money for doing something other than slingin' eggrolls. No, I'm not selling my body, you crazy, I'm editing!!!! Granted, it's in spanish and my spanish is a little, shall we say, oxidado. My friend Ryan (the one in the baseball hat) shot some footage at some latino clubs here in Chicago for a latino website and I'm editing it. Hooray! or should I say, maravilloso!!! Espero que gane muchos de dinero, mis amigos!! If you'd like me to edit something for you for money, let me know. I really like money. I could even re-fill drinks for you and bring you food in the middle of my editing.

Stay in touch tomorrow for the first day of "One Hour of Production Power Week", in which I spend no more than one hour making each movie. And keep working on those songs about chips and salsa. the Benzine shirt's starting to smell.

wink, (ding)
wheezy waiter

p.s. congratulations, zaid and amelia. the wedding was amazing.