wheezy western

In honor of Ozark Cousins week, I invited my co-star Zaid over so we could make a western of our own, wheezy style.

musical score performed by zaid maxwell, matt weber, and myself.

craig is the good

zaid is the bad

matt is the ugly 

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)


  1. This may be your best work yet. Must be because you're finished working on the new Ozark Cousins Movie. Oh, did you already plug that?

  2. Wait, when is Ozark Cousins?

  3. Anonymous-
    Here is the info:

    Sat 9pm

    Elegant Mr Gallery 1350 North Milwaukee (I believe...)

    Costumes required

    BYOB&P (Beer and popcorn)

    Don't miss this like you did my birthday anonymous...

  4. It's actually 1355 N Milwaukee, 3rd floor

  5. Craig, I wish I could be there. I will be in town on the first weekend in September. Maybe we can hook up and shoot each other.


  6. i'm pretty sure that part of this wheezy waiter episode was inspired by "the three amigos" when the town of santo poco bands together and emulates "amigos, amigos, amigos" to stop the evil el guapo. and i'm pretty sure you first viewed this movie because i foolishly lent it to you. and finally, i'm most definitely pretty sure you never returned said film, you wheezy little thief!

  7. The symbolism is amazing. You're handsome. Overuse of some special effect in iMovie. I assume everyone uses iMovie. I feel that is a valid assumption.