pushing lazies

"hey wheezy, still no movie posting? lazy asshole!" said the homeless man laying on the sidewalk on my way to work. sorry, wheezies. Been busy once again with my non-public life. some great things are happening, but I'd rather reveal them in movie form. For now, just assume all my waking hours are spent doing something absolutely necessary for sustainable life, like watching The Wire for instance. Best show ever? probably.

And for those of you raving about Pushing Daisies, eh. I agree with this guy. wanna fight?

as for that horror movie I helped make, expect a video recap exactly sometime in the future.


  1. "Wheezy Waiter - 1 unread item" said my feed reader. To which, I responded with, "Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!!" Then I clicked the item to find no video.

    This is why posting about how you haven't been posting hurts others and is lame.

    Thanks for nothing wheezy waiter.

  2. With an average of 12.8-million viewers over the course of its opening hour, the show handily one the 8:00pm time slot.

    Bad grammar makes me stop reading bad reviews, so lets hope he took the high road and said the show is easy on the eyes, cute, and overall enjoyable.

  3. i heard a rumor from a proud mother that there is a new job in the works... fact or fiction?