Nothing You Ever Wanted to Know About Wheezy Waiter But Were Too Lazy to Press Stop

It's been a year since my proverbial head bump on the bathroom sink causing a vision of the flux capacitor (a la Doc of Back to the Future). Only my head bump was a day with no customers at the restaurant and my flux capacitor was Wheezy Waiter.

Special thanks to Ze Frank, Ryan Wolff, Andy Garfield (my boss at my editing job back in Madison), Ashleigh (for introducing me to Ze Frank) and all of you.

WARNING: movie may contain scenes too genuine for some viewers.

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  1. Haaaa!! Ha! ha! Haa! Hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Hah! Hah! He He Herrr...
    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Haaa!! h... h... her...humm...

  2. This is probably my favorite video. It may not have the same witty, comedic value that I enjoyed so much in the other videos, but is still a great, inspirational video. The manager impression was pretty funny, though. "Shoo! Get out!" lol.