Punch Drunk Hate

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Episode 76: What do the HBO series The Wire, George Bush, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, The House of Representatives, Crystal Meth, and Punching have in common? Actually, probably a bunch of stuff. But they're also featured in this video.

Thanks again, Kyle and Kristin of Middlepicker.

Thanks for the wink, Nate.

NSFW: Best scene in television

Source Links:
-House Apology (article)
-No Obama/Hillary (article)
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  1. I like this scene from the wire: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URupBZbfbJg&feature=related

  2. i didn't know you loved the wire so much. now i can rub it in your face that i saw larry gilard jr. (aka d'angelo barksdale) in the gold coast last week. he was so close i could touch him. it was pretty sweet.

  3. Still no blood, cuts, or bruising; therefore, not real punches.

    Good thing I'm not an English teacher. Can someone help me out with the punctuation or create a better sentence for me.

  4. Congratulations on earning $5 so far on the Bug Junk video. Only 400 more views and you will have another 5 bucks

  5. i'll give you a wire: alphabet.
    Take that conformists!