Where's Sunday's movie?

Sorry, production for Aesthetic Awareness Sunday went a little long. I may have been too ambitious. But the good news is, you're in for a treat! I have a bunch of sound editing to do, so should have the movie up tomorrow evening or Tuesday (going to Great America tomorrow, waaaaahoooo!). My video schedule is still in effect and I'm not skipping any videos. Still 5 a week.

Thanks to Sam and Nate for all their help. And Sam, sorry again about that incident with the Alligator. I'll pay for 1/40 of your doctor bill. Get well!

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  1. what's up benzine? fellow marhsall grad here and probably your 114th biggest fan give or take. I am quite excited about the 20 movies coming this month. Anyways, my suggestion is that you provide 'director's commentary' to some of your classic past videos......could be funny.