Freezy Waiter

I'm snowed in.

Happy day after your birthday, Marcus!

-Arnold on youtube


  1. I share your pain when it comes to being snowed in.

  2. Little known fact: If you tint everything red (by wearing red-tinted sunglasses or something), then all the snow and ice turns into burning hot sand.

  3. You continuity is crap. You started the movie and it was light out. Toward the end it was dark in your room. Go back to school scum.

  4. Anonymous, it seems as though you need either:

    1) a new proof reader


    2) to sober up.

  5. If the continuity sucked, wouldn't it mean that the video was light, then dark, then light again? Or something of that sort? To say that continuity is crap for following the natural progression of day to night (while being completely unforgiving of the 4pm Illinois dusk) is quite the dickhead move, Anonymous. Quite the dickhead move.

  6. man, it must suck to be named Anonymous...

  7. to be anonymous is almost as bad as being innominate. on second thought, 'tis much worse, for innominance is an absence of identity, whereas anonymity is to be ashamed of one's identity.

    pish-posh. I just dropped by to report that, while in the Denver airport I was struck by the fact that Andre Agassi looks a heck of a lot like a bald, beardless, in a word: unhirsute, Craig.

    OK - back to school for this scum.