Get Over Yourself

Thanks, Matt, for the wink.

Matt's wiki novel:
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  1. I get bored too quickly. Every day I want to start a new project. "Oh, shiny, I think I'll go do that."

    It's hard to get things done when you have the attention span of a thirteen month old.

  2. Once again, nicely done.

    My problems: Not enough time. Not enough money. Head's just not in it. Still haven't perfected it in my head. Which project? (There are so many.) Hey, shiney!

  3. You shouldn't beat yourself up over it all, man. But we like it when you never mind...keep up the punching. Though punching your boss is still good, too.

    Here's a new thought...Salt N Pepa's "Whatta HAM" with eggs.

    Oh and Laura appreciates the poll (segway! not the pole...wait, she likes those, too)...

  4. great vid.

    i chose 'other' in the poll, because my answers are the first four:
    no time, no money, not ready, and fear of failure.
    my project is to write a book. i hope you can understand where my reasons come from.

  5. Where's the "It's pending IRB approval" or, "The amount of red tape at my institution is so awe inspiring that I simply stand frozen in marvel of it all" choices?

    As for my other project(s) - they're not yet perfect in my head (BRAIN CRACK!).

  6. This one made me giggle. I especially liked how you continued to have the Ozark Cousin music when your chair rolled away. But there is another way to fix your floor. It is called sandpaper, stain, and varnish. Then get some new casters for your chair so it doesn't happen again.

  7. My projects are currently thwarted by laws, regulations and morals. Once pot and polyandry are legal I can complete my projects and die happy.

  8. I think I would say the first four options on the poll sum it up nicely for me.

    Also, I find projects addicting, so once I start one, I start starting several and then I end up only able to focus on one or two at a time while the other projects fall to the wayside. When I look to the wayside, I see all of those unfinished projects and cry like someone who's just buried three pets.

    It's all a vicious oval shape.

  9. Where the ding is breakfast!?!?! ding this slurping guitar dinosaur ding! ding ding ding!!

  10. I will never get tired of the multiple Craigs, that's always funny.

    I have many projects started, most of them scarves. Do you need a scarf? And someday there will be a book, I think.

    And where the shirt is breakfast??

  11. Oh Craig. You and your hilarity.