Iggy Pop Tart

Looks like I'm starting the next one hundred videos with my shirt off!

thanks for the tremendous help and the wink:

Here's the video Todd and Tom made to help me out:

Also, thank you mom and dad for the awesome shirt(s)!
Formats available:MPEG4 Video (.mp4)


  1. well, wheezy, I always smile at your posts. clever, like usual.
    peace, mTw

  2. Can you please tell me what flavor PopTart that was? I want to be sure I never eat that kind again, as they have officially been ruined for me. Other than that, AWESOME-SAUCE as usual, dear Cousin.

  3. Laura, strawberry. I the crumbs tasted delicious!

  4. um, that was deeply disturbing.

  5. How long were the crumbs logged in your chest hair?

    I remember one time I wrapped my body in fruit by the foot for a costume. It took hours in the shower to get that off.

  6. LOL awesomesauce! My new word is spreading.

    Sweet Applewood! That was one weird video Craig! Disturbing, yet funny. Did you ever see the Indiana Jones Pop Tarts that came out after the last movie? They had pictures of stuff from the movies on the frosting. Stuff like the big boulder and his whip. Think about this though, who were the main enemies in the movies? Nazis. I was always kind of afraid of getting a Nazi Pop Tart.

  7. ryan, it really wasn't very hard. it wasn't in for long.

    emily, i didn't know about these pop tarts and now i'm pissed off because no one told me.

  8. It was before I knew about you. Next time I find some crazy breakfast food you will be the first to know.