Top 5 Board Games

What are your favorite board games?

Thanks for the wink, Mike:


  1. First off, I'm not sure Yahtzee counts as a board game. I might just be splitting hairs here, but there's no board. I'm just sayin'.

    Second, I've played way too many full games of Monopoly. I want those hours of my life back.

    Third, I've also played way too many full games of Risk. If I could have the Monopoly hours back, I'd probably use them to play Risk.

    Fourth, oh man, it's been a while since I played a good nerd game. I love complicated rules and ridiculous strategy!

    Fifth, I bet you have DM guides and M:TG cards in the back of your closet, just like me.

  2. wow, i own all of those games. even the expansion packs for carcassonne. you should try puerto rico. we play with the kids upstairs all the time. you know who i'm talking about. come over any sunday and we'd be happy to get you addicted to a new game :)

  3. ok i'm really confused as to why my previous post was under my husband's old screen name...

  4. No Parcheezie?

    Yes, phonetical spelling is how I roll.

  5. Craig, are you unaware of Apples to Apples?!?! It's one of the best games ever, when you come up to visit Jmz and Laura we'll all play. I also rock at Taboo and Scatergories.

    And I hereby challeng you to some Scrabble on Facebook, I play for drinks. I'll start the game tomorrow.

  6. Hey Weezy! This is a great geek game. I played it once. But I loves it.

  7. The Ewok Adventure!!!