I Want Your Chex

Chex is something that we should eat
Chex is whole grain, not whole wheat

Thanks for the wink, Hungarianhungryharry:

Sorry I said your name wrong in the video. Ran out of time, couldn't fix it.


  1. Those look good... All I eat is bagels for breakfast right now, I try to mix them up though. Cereal would be nice... :P

  2. hungry hungry harry?
    is that like hungry hungry hippos?

    does he also eat colorful plastic balls? hmm this should be an idea for a video of yours. get creative, please! hungry hungry wheezy. :D

    here's there wikipedia page:

  3. lol nice shades, love the song spoofs

  4. Celiac Disease VictimMarch 12, 2009 at 11:30 PM

    You commented that chex are a whole grain and not a whole wheat, this is true of regular rice chex - however the flavored rice chex you are eating do contain wheat. I challenge you to go one whole week eating only gluten-free products for breakfast.

  5. every time these videos impress me more and more
    congrats, you win!