The Point of Yes Return

Back to work.

New Design for the Wheezy Wardrobe:

Thanks vlogbrothers:

Thanks for the song and parody, Will and Jake:

Thanks for the winks, Class of Nathan Wells.


  1. Hey Wheeeeeeeeeeeezy!

    Those URLs to Jake and Will no worky.

    You are getting so famous.

  2. Knowing all of those winkers makes me feel related to... well something. Wait "winkers" not sure if that works. Well anyways thanks Wheezy.

  3. I ordered a new design t-shirt yesterday and am very excited for the delivery. Have you considered a line of Wheezy Waiter celebratory slap bracelets?

  4. Jonas, that is an amazing idea, but I don't know where to find a "design your own slap bracelet" website. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough.

  5. Thank you, I now have the Golden Girls theme song stuck in my head.

    side note: I actually won the "Golden Girls" collected DVD at Bingo a couple years ago. Fitting place to receive such a prize.

  6. yea the wink line was my teachers idea

  7. He is just that good of a teacher.