Something Real

There's too much ambigity!

Thanks for the wink, GirlsFromTheWA:



  1. Looks like Wheezy Wagon is in the lead. I must be a naming genius. ^M

  2. please name it H.M Murdock - it's not his fault the kids these days don't know what the A-Team was. frakin kids.

  3. ^That's the effing Katherine! I vote Mr. Belvedere, and should you choose otherwise, I'll be naming my car this.

    Wheezy Waiter, you're amazing.

  4. Now, I know everyone is going to be voting for Wheezy Wagon, but maybe it's my sentimental ways for old skool television programming, and I went with Mr. Belvedere, because the fiesta is indeed, in its way, your own private Mr. Belvedere.
    And more of a reason to go with Mr. Belvedere is your love of all things old skool, including Settlers of Catan, and the plates you eat off from :)

  5. that's a good looking egg plate you got there.