This is a description about my video about the differences between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres...or maybe to the Southern Hemisphere this is a video about the description.

That's my real boss at the end. He does artwork. It can be seen here:

The video that shows what happened to my foot on my alternate channel:

Thanks for the wink:

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  1. Hey, wheezy. Just to say, you are the best youtuber I've seen. In the words of Jerry Reed, "Keep on keeping on."

  2. Hey, seems like you have an awesome taste in music, could you make a spotify playlist?
    Or recommend some good artists?

  3. I love close ups of clothing! I take those all of the time. There is the oft mentioned toilet water going the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere but also cops only eat doughnut holes down there instead of regular doughnuts.