Tweeting Dog?

Sometimes you gotta get your bark on.

Dog tweet article:

Thanks for the wink:

Wheezy Shirts:


  1. WOOF you give some of what you're eating?
    ARF you gonna drop it on the floor already?
    Let me YELP you finish that.
    BARK off a piece and give it to me.
    I need to take a SHIRT so let me out already!

  2. I almost peed laughing, and by almost peed, I mean not really, but I laughed, out loud mind you, which is a rare thing to happen in these trying times...and by trying, I mean bored outta my gord at 10pm at night, on a Monday.
    You look handsome today, and not in that stalkery way, but in the, "perhaps you trimmed up the goods (beard)" kinda way. :)

  3. P.S-
    When can I expect the "Wheezy Waiter Snuggy" to be in stock? I heard that's the craze, and when everyone's doing it...

  4. Wheezy Waiter, have you ever tried pouring Cheerios in your coffee?

  5. That was. Out of control! Can you frolic to the coffee (skipping with lots of arm movement) and please please please say "Sweet Applewood!!"