No Moon Landing

Article about the budget cut of the Moon Landing:

Thanks for continuing to party in my house, friends and strangers. I hope you're feeling okay.

The DJ is Stv Slv from the awesome mash-up blog, The Hood Internet:

The screamer is Ryan Wolff, co-creator of *Dinged* in Space, a web series I'm in:

Thanks for the wink:

The best-known NASA field installations are the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center near Houston, Tex., where flights are coordinated, and the John F. Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Fla., where all space shuttle launches take place.

Other facilities include the Dryden, Glenn, Goddard, and Stennis centers and NASA headquarters, in Washington, D.C. Operationally, NASA is headed by a civilian appointed by the president and has four divisions: the offices of Space Flight, Space Science Programs, Aeronautics Exploration and Technology, and Tracking and Data Acquisition.

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