You gotta get through the crap to find the shiny quarter.


Thanks for the wink:


  1. holy crap. your videos kill me. OMFGROTFLMAO. seriously, though. they make me laugh.

    i am co-writing some commercial spots for a Neo-Futurist show with Steve Heisler right now. i think you will be working with us. i'm happy for that. happy like a refugee kid who, when the Red Cross plane flies over his village and drops care bundles, sheds tears of joy over his distended belly. i am happy like that kid who, for a wee moment sees the bright shining light at the end of his hunger tunnel until a jar of Jif nuts him one in the temple and the bright shining light goes out. forever.

    look forward to meeting you!

  2. Hey Wheezy... I'm a new fan of your work, just finished watching all your episodes. Just to let you know I will be growing your fanbase here in Canada! After all, we are known for our beards up here! :D