Sex Changing Frogs

If you're not a subscriber, this video is probably WAY different that what you were expecting.

Thanks for the wink:

Good-bye, Ty!


  1. lovinn' the atrazine ( ? ) induced female/male voice. but i don't love that you drink coffee. see, i gave up coffee for lent. it makes me sad and jealous to watch you drink your DELICIOUS coffee right in front of me.

  2. How dare Anonymous stop ingesting coffee? How weak of him. Anyways... Nice recovery when sprinting for the coffee. I was sure you were going down. I posted a comment on youtube, then realized it would probably never get read [Video has like what.. 9000 comments now?]

    I just started watching, expect a wink from my girlfriend and I sometime in the future [When I catch up on all the videos. I'm up to Scramblin' Man.]