I'm standing by a tree!

I'll be listening to all your lovely outro songs you sent and will decide on a new outro next week.

The music (definitely not the singing) is from a song called Skeletons by my band:

Oh shirts!

Thanks for the wink:

Yes, that's my boss. He has a website featuring his artwork:

Thanks for the help Matt! (Matt is also in the band)


  1. mr wheezy i swear today i almost tweeted
    "you gotta stop at the plate" probably
    at the exact minute you were eating
    a plate. ps. you gotta stop when you
    get to the plate. pps. you should
    put syrup on that toast. its like
    cheap waffles. and waffles are
    a currency in their own right.

  2. Hey Craig. Whatever happened to "Get drunk!!!" and "Danzig!" and "Its a mad mad mad mad there are a bunch of different kinds of waiters" and "The Nates I know"? Hmmm?

  3. please grow your beard and when the length is ok do a THIS-IS-SPARTAAAA!!!!
    PLEASE c:

    ps: you can use some of these quotes for your videos^^ :

  4. This has been stuck in my head all day, any way I can get an mp3 of it?

  5. this song has been in my head and now i have somehow replaced "sunglasses" with "hot pockets". thanks, it is making me insane.

  6. Hey Craig, I never see you with your chips and salsa anymore. did the clones steal them?