Ode to Cadmium

I pour my heart out in this video.

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Yes, that is my boss I punch at the end. He has a website featuring his artwork:

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Oh shirts!

Trailer for the 2nd episode of another web series I'm in, F*ked in Space:
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My Rock Band of 10 years:

Thanks for the wink, Rj Phipps's niece.


  1. Hey Wheezy Waiter, (I hope this is genuinely you reading this, and not some google/youtube secretary!)
    I've never done this before, so I hope its alright.

    My names Conor Clarke, I'm a 18 year old student, currently studying Performing Arts at college, and I am writing purely to say.... thankyou.

    For around the last 9 months of my life, I've struggled with depression. It was due to a lot of factors, wasn't fun at all. But luckily I'm now out of it!
    During my darkests hours, the only thing that would keep my hopes up, and put a smile on my face, was Youtube.

    I kinda turned into an internet nerd, and would search all day for random videos that could take my mind off of all the other things in my life.
    And thats when I stumbled onto your channel.

    The way you manage to be random and funny, and it never get stale is amazing. You're so enthusiastic and happy all the time!
    You truly show what good things humanity can do. In such a funny way too!
    You were my Patch Adams.

    Your an inspiration man. I even contemplated going to Chicago in my gap year to see if I could meet you!

    Erm, I don't know what else I want to say, so I'm gonna leave it as this.

  2. I just love the way you guys say the word 'bagel'.