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  1. if you ever change the intro i'll kill myself.. so no pressure there then.

  2. hopefully this will be a YouTube 3D movie so we can see it in 3D! ;)

  3. The original version of the intro was perfect. Why oh why did you have to change it?????

    *Begin mumbling*
    Stupid George Lucas influencing great artists to become lame tweekers like he is re-re-re-RE-editing the original Star Wars when it was perfect the way it originally was back in the late 70s and early 80s and not the new versions he keeps putting out. Stupid George Lucas.
    *End mumbling*

    Great video! Yay!

  4. Hey Craig.
    could you make this into a contest? I love editing videos, and I'm proud to say I've improved watching yours. I will definitely try to 're-edit' your intro.

  5. Dear Wheezy,

    You need a new chair, its thinning like your hair. I mean NOT your hair, haha, silly me saying things I meant to not mean...

    Only kinda rude

  6. I will not ee that star wars
    i remember thinking aa what changes they could do
    then i ssaw ET they #@%$ CGI him what the hell
    everything was genius but i think you should
    have a blue ray edition too