Happy Fontanalia Day

Respect your water sources!

Moves Like Jabba has been taken down because of legal issues, but you can see it here:

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Listen to us on Friday at 2pm central on 89.3FM WNUR or
http://wnur.org. We'll be playing acoustic songs and doing an interview.


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  1. Oooh new Wheezy Waiter video as I have my morning coffee...and it looks like Obi Wan is in the video too? I...can't...control...my happiness :) I tried to find Moves like Jabba but it won't let me *shakes fist at legal issues of doom*

  2. I know you're probably bracing yourself for the flood of comments about The Fonz) and the thumbs-up (although those kids on YouTube might be too young to know who the heck The Fonz is). But you know what I think you're gonna get even more comments about? Forgetting to finger-gun towards the whale tank (although you could argue the whale tank is not so much a source of water as it is a body of water). Happy Fontanalia Day!