Life lessons from one who has lived it all

According to wikipedia, on this day in 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog was released in the United States! Holy crap! Yeah, I was a Sega owner. Sega was for the cool kids. We didn't walk around with a stupid Italian plumber (who never plumbed anything) we ran with a kickass hedgehog!! and everyone knows a hedgehog is fast as shit and super tough. you wouldn't want to mess with this nimble, towering beast.

(okay, so later I played super nintendo, too. I was kind of a video game nerd)

I wasted hours of my life on that game. After a few calculations.....mmhm......carry the 3....... oh my! If I would have started making movies every weekday starting on that day I would have 4,176 movies! let that be a lesson kids. avoid the hedgehog.....avoid the's spikes will pierce your virgin soul.....

wheezy waiter


  1. Hi Wheezy
    1. Where is the video? Do you want make me cry? Did you played again that rubbish instead of making video??? Mh, did you?
    2. I am italian, plumber and i am probably also stupid. Somehow, i feel i am not right at all today. Fortunally my name is not Mario.
    3. 4176/365=11,4. I cannot even believe it.
    4. Empty
    5. Write 100 time on the blog: "Wheezy has to make a video a day"
    6. Too bad
    7. Does it really help, that my name is not Mario?
    8. You made me cry already.
    9. It' sunday and there is no sun. Something is wrong. But what?
    10. Everything has one end, just a salami has two.