For those of you who had trouble watching that video game movie I mentioned last week, the boys at Harmony Joyride made a few improvements. This link will take you directly to the movie. And if you didn't have trouble then you receive one merit point. Hopefully Mr. Josef Weber earned this to bring him back to zero. After 700 merit points, one of you gets a prize. I'm thinking the Benzine T-shirt since no one has paid my rent or showed me a genuine nipple. So if you were planning on showing me a nipple, it's too late for the T-shirt, but I will give you a thorough critique on your nippular contours.

Also, plastic passion, you receive five merit points for your suggestion. Doodleman, three, rus-trick, two, inspector whatever, also two, and gluebrass, a wink and a ding. Okay, you get one. Oh yeah, gelatoallimon gets four for posting all the time and being from italy. if any of you think you deserve merit points, e-mail me and I'll weigh the facts.

wheezy waiter

p.s. stv slv gets two for the boing.


  1. I'm honored to receive the first Wink and Ding. It may not be a merrit point but in this day and age I'll take what I can get. And hey have you ever thought about that phrase "in this day and age"? It's redundant. If it is "this day" then it must be "this age". There's no need to point it out.


  2. lovin' it. trying to steal it. I want chase and I to try something together, but we're not quite sure how to meld. and I have yet to see a response from him. I'm sure it will be soon.

    how is your beard doing? because it looks fantastic.

  3. Just four merit points? I'll never get a real original fantastic BENZINE T-shirt in this way. I'm sure,i will get more points because:
    - I don't live in Italy (i am the completely stranger).
    - I putted your link on my blog.
    - I could get nervous.
    - You won't play with my game anymore.
    - And what's really worth: i have a beard too!!!
    Your motivation for giving me the points rememer me as i was in the school. You think you have a done absolutely a good job, and then the teacher says "Well, you get a point for trying...".
    I am totally upset.

  4. You right the wrongs I know I love

  5. I'm giving you a nipple, Craig. it's on my newest blog video.

    I want that Benzine T-shirt.

  6. wait why only 2 points? I feel I've been on here a ton and singing your praises at my own blog. I am also sure you have seen inspector whatever's nipples, which may as well be mine...

  7. Hey! Where are my points?

    Pointing out your technical inadequacy should earn me at least a couple, and I'm foreign to boot.

    I went and watched the movie.
    Thought it sucked.

  8. i should have patented that damn benzine shirt.