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i bet the slow pace of movie posting makes you worried, huh? well, don't worry. i have many things planned, including an actual webpage (not a blog) and a special trilogy filmed sometime in the future with awesome cameras over a period of three weekends.
unfortunately, making movies takes a lot of time. I have other obligations that involve more people than just me. still working on this movie, and a bat mitzvah video, and my band has a show august 10th. spending six hours a day on my personal blog isn't a good excuse to put things off. even if anonymous's groin muscle depends on it (see july 26th comments). unless I die, the movies will come, and they will be better than ever. if I die, tell my loved ones to bury me with my laptop, no wait, creamate me, put me in a salsa jar, and bury me with my laptop and a bag of chips. but first, dip a couple chips in my ashes and eat them. film it, too. and post it on wheezywaiter. I'll tattoo my password somewhere unexposed (tee hee). got all that?
oh yeah, this guy came into the restaurant I work at last friday. he was a "people you only know from the internet" crazy crazy crazy type of customer.

wink (ding)


  1. the tank engine, a.k.a. thomasJuly 31, 2007 at 12:47 PM

    hey you,
    you knwo who this is, you punk as mother flunker. its tom from the bowl, damn foo. anyway i was sitting here completely stone sober and i began to wonder... your last post included a linnk to "this guy."?? this lead me to a two fisted ponder.... who the FUCK is "this guy" and who the hell or rather why the hell should those who follow the adventures of the WW start to give a rat shit about "that guy"???? anyway see you soon have a good day.

  2. Yeah, who should give a crap about "this guy???" He didn't even tip you when he came in to your restaurant!

  3. uh... so I forgot what I was going to post b/c my word verification (sorry if sharing this disrupts the tide that is the interweb) is nothing other than...


    Wheezy- you are good at this.