nepotistic baseballistic missile

i trace my lineage and it takes me out to a ball game.
Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)


  1. I check your page everyday for new videos so don't worry we're still here and we still love you

    p.s. I wish my parents would buy me a camera

    no wait....

    I wish I had parents

  2. Don't worry. This is really a very good blog. I enjoi your video. I think you could have a futur as an actor ("Wheezy Potter" sounds good...)
    And you look great with beard.

  3. Stoned you really rock!


    There was almost nothing wrong with that one.

  4. I missed you Craig. I dream about you too. But during the day. But is that really any different. Nah. Go Brew Crew!!!

  5. Dear Wheezy Waiter,
    I miss seeing your videos everyday. Could you do a video about a bromance?
    That's all

  6. wait... we both have videoblogs, we both wait tables and now you're going to tell me that we're both from Milwaukee?

    I think you are reverse stalking me.

  7. I just quit my job so I can stay home and watch your blog daily. No more catching up at the end of the week like a sucker! Booyah.

  8. dear wheezy waiter,
    i recently strained my groin muscle.... and i am in horrible pain. I was wondering if you could make me feel better with a video blog.

  9. Craig even though we didn't use your music you should still check out our movie.

  10. I find that adding a surprising dash of semen to my salsa makes my chips and salsa really stand out. Nick Nolte also prefers his chips and salsa in this style. What does this mean?

  11. There are some days where I really wish I could play baseball on a real baseball field instead of on a stupid flash game.

    I guess you can't win them all though, eh?

    Well Done,

    The Internet

  12. maybe you should use more boing sounds, like way more, perhaps an obscene amount.

    also i liked the flying thing. perhaps you could start an episode where you're underwater with a submarine.

    butch benzine = best supporting actor

  13. I know what you mean. Once, while in gecko prison, I had a rather severe case of apple bosom. It could only be cured by being slathered in leopard jizzum.

  14. Wow, Butch is drinkin' beer!

    I remember the days on the Doty Ranch when we had to watch our language b/c Burch read it. Now he has kicked the f*ck back. Way to f*cking go Butch! Wheezy waiter is the best f*ing thing on any of the f*ing internets.

  15. Um, Wheezy, you might need to delete my post....

    Just washed my mouth out with soap.

    Sorry Mr. Butch.

    Your son is swell.