wheezy warden?

the before and after of a lengthy work shift. and an example of the creativity killer that is the daily grind.
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  1. Aww, I can't believe, going back (a bit tedious with YT on one side, this on the other), no one thought your prison idea was swell... or stupid... or worth drunk-posting like stv suv ...

    I usually comment on YT (with a 1221.....) name... but this vlog needs a comment. It's only 4 years overdue. <3 makes me wish my friends had moved over to blogger and wordpress sooner (we were livejournal nerrrrds). I would've followed you if I wasn't in the myspace of bloggity blogs (which I still love).

    PS my captcha is quinegar. Is that what you get when you distill/ferment tonic water (quinine in soda water) til it's super sour and able to cure malaria? That would ROCK! Except for the blindness part. That would suck. But I'd take vision problem potential over malaria. Decrease in world suck is not always achievable through elimination of it.