That'll be Costenya

money is slim these days, but comments are plentiful. If only this were a comment economy. We could make one. Let's call it communism. already taken? look at all those celebrities in the tags. Think any of them will watch this movie? Hopefully Maggie Gyllenhaal does, YEOWZA!!
Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)


  1. Hey! Doesn't Ryan have that other camera? The XL-1!

    Or you can borrow Carlos's

  2. I resent you holding your vlog ransom for camera money. I demand you make video's in flipbook form.

  3. The XL-1 eats tapes when you rewind it. I think that's a special feature that canon added on my camera. Also Carlos's camera costs a case of corona now for every time i borrow it. So, if one of your loyal viewers wants to put up a case of corona for every episode we'll be good to go.

    And Craig, I appreciate the sincere "thanks ryan", but don't blame me for any lack of future episodes. Surely there must be some other awesome person out there that will lend you a camera for a few days. Right? Anyone?

    Or you could start a pledge drive! You know, become a member now and receive a Wheezy Waiter tote bag. Something like that.

  4. The donation button isn't very inviting.
    Perhaps a custom button will get a better response?
    you could use this one paste the URL, host it yourself, or make a better one (now that you've got so much time!).


  5. This whole time I thought I was writing a chips and seltzer song. Damn! Back to the keyboard.


  6. How bout a pin hole camera?

  7. doesn't your new macbook allow you to record directly in from the built-in camera? you can do it in imovie, don't know about final cut


  8. That Stv Slv guy seems like he has a few winks under his feathered cap. One in a billion!