Verbal Tip

I should've been working today.

also, it's a crazy, crazy, crazy, there are a bunch of different types of customers.
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  1. I got flayed by Bobby Flay and it hurts real bad. What would you suggest I do?

  2. STV SLV told me about this and I had to take a look... Love it.

  3. Ugh. The verbal tippers are the worst. I used to have a table that would come in & request me because their grandaughter's name is emertron, too, & then not give jack. (shaking fist toward the heavens in anger)

  4. I didn't say that most of the rest of the world thinks that Americans are ignorant. That would be overextending myself somewhat.

    Fire and lightening I can take, but the numbers gave me the willies.


    p.s. on a personal note I don't think that most Americans are ignorant; I think they're stupid.

  5. After five lame video blogs in a row, this was a pleasant and entertaining surprise.

    To the favorites with you.

    All The Best,

    The Internet

  6. Hey wheezy i just linked you to are off the hook brother...keep it up
    Bid D

  7. That's when you have to pull out the reverse verbal tip. It's a risky maneuver... hard to master, but the payoff is great if it works.

    Waiter black belts or complete asskissers should be the only ones who should try it, I'm convinced. I'm also drunk so maybe the reverse verbal tip would just be a pit labrev... or a "fuck you, you cheap bastard."

    I'm not sure, but my eyelids don't ding, so you tell me.

  8. You should host in the shower - every hour!!!