hey, wheezies. Despite not being mentioned in this tribune article, my band is playing that Mt. St. Helens CD release show. Mt. St. Helens erupts with rock! (sorry, my beard told me that pun). Those in the Chicago area should come to the beat kitchen tonight and buy their CD.

Also, on monday, I will be MC-ing the may or may not show at shubas. Eat your heart out, Ellen Degeneres (never thought I'd say that). So if you want the Wheezy Waiter live experience, come on out.

wink (ding)

p.s. this post has more links than the land of hyrule (again, beard).


  1. ehhem...I am assuming that when you say that the Trib did not mention your band you are referring to ALEXANDER THE BEST. Honestly, I paid them off. They are just not ready for thE BEESST!!

    The videos are fantabulos. Thats not a word but I like it and I can do anything I want. Cause I am the BEESSTT!! You are too.

    I would like to see you inna Oedipus gunfight. Father vs. son. winner take all. prove who really is the BEESSSTTT!!

    psst...we already know who is the best but don't tell nobody yet. our third album is almost mastered.

  2. Ahem... The land of Hyrule only has one Link. Link is a young Hylian boy who has had many trials and battles gathering magical objects or using other items such as musical instruments, as well as assorted weaponry in order to defeat evil forces and Hyrule's nemesis Ganon... but there is only one. So it is very easy to have more "links" than the land of Hyrule.

    your beard is a coward.

  3. At least post some of a wedding or something...