a lot is going on

Greetings wheezies, be warned! today's blog is genuine. not feeling funny right now.

The ozark cousins premiere was wonderful. thanks to all who came.

These days my normal cycle has been busted. (no, not my womanly cycle, you sexist pig. my cycle in the ze frank sense.) I'm in the process of breaking out of the service industry. I've been editing video for bar mitzvahs, weddings, and whatnot. And it couldn't make me happier. Managing a restaurant (an inevitability on my previous path) is not my jar of salsa. Where freelance editing could lead makes me much more comfortable (no not porn, pervert). Contributing factors to this drastic change in my life are the Ozark Cousins movie and wheezywaiter.com. All it took was the will to mess with my cycle and to just start. (if you can't tell, ze frank is a big inspiration.) You can do this too, wheezies. To be able to do what you love, try doing what you love as much as possible. that's your best bet. enough motivational speaking.

this transition of mine has been temporarily causing time to be sexy (the american sense- too skinny to be healthy). but don't worry. there are many wheezy waiter movies in our future....

wink (ding)


  1. it really makes me wish you'd have watched it sooner (even more wheezies!), but you know what ze says: hindsight is 20/20 (i shouldn't have drank that many)

    now pretend to speak french

  2. do you check the ozark email address? i sent a proposition to you in the ways of the video world

  3. Wonderful news on the movie. The trailer is delightful. As is the album. *thumbs up*

    (New viewer, first time poster.)