The Plan

Tonight is my last night of freedom before the 5-video-a-week schedule I've made for my self in July. Thank you to all who have commented so far. Keep 'em coming. I will need your support because this month will be grueling. I still need more pictures or videos of winking. You could even send drawings if you want. I have a theme planned for each day of the week. It's subject to change and rule breaking:

The Weekly Schedule

Good News Day Tuesday: I will reference only good news of the past week.

Wake up Call Wednesday: I will reference bad news you should know about.

Thinkless Thursday:
I will report on Pop Culture and other wastes of thought.

Interstitial Friday
If I don't make a movie on Monday I will make one on Friday. It will be a hodgepodge, hopefully with healthy doses of nonsense. And I will try to respond to comments I missed throughout the week.

Aesthetic Awareness Day (Sunday):
A day in which I attempt to make a video of higher artistic merit, such as the "Take on Chores" or "Wheezy Western" videos.

Sometimes Monday: Same as Friday if there's no Friday.

Stay tuned to see if I can live up to myself. Possible future excuses: my neighbors whom I share internet with are moving out in mid-July. My band practices twice a week and we have two shows booked in July.


  1. You should make a wheezy waiter for the blind. Only audio, smells, and touch.

  2. Somone who can't see is called blind.

    Someone who can't hear is deaf.

    What do you call someone who can't smell? Agnostic... no, that's not it.

  3. i just tried to email you a picture but it "failed permanently"

    you should email me your email address. my email is :

  4. How are we not wii friends yet, i find this to be very upsetting. Also I was can come in 24 packs, there are also 24 hours in a day, i think I figured out what one of ur days in july should consist of.


    600 Starbucks stores are closing, you could use that for Wednesday as "BAD NEWS"!