Good News for People who Love Bidets

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FYI: that last word in the title is pronounced "biday". This is the first movie of 23 in July (hopefully). It's Good News Day Tuesday, just like every Tuesday will be. This means I only talk about what's good in the news. Tomorrow I'll only talk about what's bad in the news that you should know about. Please keep sending in comments and a video or picture of yourself winking.

Source Links:
-Invisibility Cloak (article)
-Japanese Toilet (video)
-European Gas Prices (article)
-Modest Mouse (title music)


  1. I suggest that you do a piece on ice cream cakes. They are delicious and make people happy.

  2. Fun Fact: My Eye always makes that noise when I wink, just normally people don't hear it over the background noise.

    Also, what's up with China owning all the Pandas? Do we own all the Bald Eagles? How's that work?

  3. You should make a few more days to rhyme with couple other words. Figured it out? You will! RIGHT AFTER THIS

  4. comments are hard.

    no they're not, just say anything.


    ha ha, so you think you're funny.

    no. I don't. that's why comments are hard.

    oh, I see