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It's bad news Wednesday.
Thanks to those who sent winking photos and videos. Please send some if you haven't. And please, comment.

Source Links:
-600 Starbucks are closing. (article)
-Stocks are down. (article)
-The Solar System has a dent in it? (article)
-Man Man (title music)
-dramatic look (winking music from that prairie dog video)


  1. for the 4th of july or the holiday weekend you could talk about the history of fireworks. or you could stage a short documentary of the original independence day 1776, with makeshift period costumes. ie paper hat, vest and a gun. cause you gotta have a gun. it's part of the 2nd amendment. i can help with art direction if perhaps you need any.

  2. another idea: could talk about craigslist and how you were the sole proprietor until evil craig your alter ego stole the rights from you in crazy epic battle. just a thought...

  3. though originally it was called j.tylerslist