Comb on Over

I got a hair cut, and then I made out with myself.

Thanks for the wink, Virginia. Good luck in New Mexico!

The theme song was by Chase. He shares a video blog with his friend Chris. He once made a song about Chips and Salsa for the wheezy waiter contest.

Source Links:
-Jay Z-"Heart of the City (soundtrack)
-Christina Aguilera-"Come on Over" (soundtrack)
-Male Pattern Baldness (article)


  1. I have an idea! Why don't you tape yourself playing in the band Ozark Cousins?

    Too soon?

  2. Thanks for using the song. As always, Love the blogs. Keep em coming.

    I still love the NASA shirt.

  3. you could ask yourself out on a date. eat with yourself at a fancy restaurant. then try hitting on yourself at a bar and asking yourself up for coffee and then...