The Dark Knight (and Robin) trailer

For pop culture Thursday, I thought I'd share this trailer with you. Man! I gotta see this movie!

Source Links:
-The Original
-Many other youtube clips


  1. not some of your best work.
    I just don't think your heart was in it.

  2. I didn't end up watching this till I watched the movie. I hate watching trailers to movies since they really don't trail behind anything... They're before other movies. I just wonder why people go and take away from a movie by catching a sneak peek.

    Anyways to your video... I think it would have been a bit better if you used the 90's animated show instead.

  3. I personally thought it was funny considering what you were working with. I enjoyed it.

  4. bad news day tuesday - they are pulling some salsas out of grocery stores because peppers are full of salmonella. :(