Breakfast #7: Hall and Oatmeal

A lumping, chunky, delicious treat after a night out.

Thanks, youtubereviewed!

-Hall and Oats "Private Eyes"

Formats available:MPEG4 Video (.mp4)


  1. "Shoates" (show-ts): NFL Players, as in Jeff Shoate (cornerback for the Detroit Lions), or Rod Shoate (linebacker for the NE Patriots. I wasn't aware they made music, together, though. I can't believe you have that CD!

  2. Shote or Shoat: A young pig or a fish resembling a trout. Should be interesting listening.

  3. This one was so obvious that I actually thought you already did it, so I didn't suggest it.

    If only there were a way to rewind on the internet so I could have checked your vast back catalog of... er... 6 breakfasts.

    Yacht Rock, much?

  4. Linda, imagine an actual Hall of Shotes that you have to walk through. Oh man, I hope I don't dream about that tonight.

    Consumatron, yeah, even I had to second guess if I'd done that already. I actually got that yacht rock hat at a stay smooth party on a boat:

  5. How about a collegiate style breakfast... Putting the Poor in Perogies. Play a little Dead Kennedys - Kill the poor... Perhaps from having the food in the first place.

  6. hey Jmz, Craig knows Nirvana unplugged!!!!

    also, you rock that hat, I think you should wear it to the corner store to pick up your next breakfast.

  7. Golden Grahams Smith


    Flying Breakfast Burrito Brothers

  8. Congrats on the review! Your Tube stood the test of time.

  9. blah blah blah blah

    (this comment will make sense in the next video)