Breakfast #8: Eggo and the Bunnymen

I overslept so I had to make breakfast easy this morning.

Version 2

I had to make a new version in which I covered the Echo and the Bunnymen song because youtube had some copyright issues. Enjoy!

-Echo and the Bunnymen "Killing Moon" video
Formats available:MPEG4 Video (.mp4)


  1. I had no idea your mother was so vulgar!

  2. That wink looked like it was almost 4 years old...Get with the times old man.

  3. I enjoy your Mad City t-shirt, and you know what I got one too but mine is green... Any who, I think you have your self the breakfast of champs... Dramatic pase...

    Cold day old pizza and beer.

    Oh yeah, I do plan on sending a wink, but there is that whole art school and laziness thing...

  4. Why don't you do the breakfast from the rocky movies:

    Raw egg put into a glass.

    If rocky could do it, you should be able to as well.

    Adrian (said in a loud yelling voice).

  5. Ryan, I've actually already considered that, believe it or not.

  6. I went to read the comments, and my word verification was 'imples'. I have no comment, just wanted you to know that was a funny one.

  7. Was the eating coffee grains an homage to one of the greatest shows ever...Spaced? If so, Im telling. Im telling Edgar Wright that you are...........THE BEST!!!

    More breakfastly punners:
    Fruits and the Maytals
    Donut You (Forget about me)- Simple Minds
    Feel Like Bacon Love - Bad Company

    more? trust me bad pun humor/dad humor is my forte.

  8. It doesn't seem right that F-bombs and winks produce the same sound. I mean what the *ding*?

  9. Copyright issues?!? That's what happens when you get more than 30 subscribers. The "man" watches your ever move. The government is probably reading your emails and listening to your phone conversations as well.

  10. Subterranean Homefries Alien- Radiohead, ehh?

    Cinammon Roll over Beethoven-
    Chuck Berry

    Pigs in a blank(et) generation- Richard Hell

  11. Cool... you're up at like 100 subs now. Heh, maybe if they review my page...

    Sucks you got slapped with a copyright violation. Now you're on the cockblock list from being a Youtube partner. I know that pain, from when I posted a video of me while I was on G4TV. Like WTF?

  12. Love the Mad City shirt, I have 2 of them.


  13. Shirt! I thought of a couple for you, WW.

    Jumping FlapJack Flash (this would require some thoughtful preparation and or the crappy microwaveable ones).

    Or, you can do an early Police favorite, Egg in a Hole in My Life. (which would also be an odd Before and after on Wheel of Fortune).

    Or, dare I say, you could do both.