Breakfast #9: Toast and PeaNeutral Milk Hotel Butter

A new spin on an old favorite. Plus, I take copyright law head on.

Thank you, Nate Bartley, for the pun!
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  1. Dear Craig,

    I look forward to your videos everyday while I'm at work, furthering society.

    I ate Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds for breakfast today, and I highly recommend it to you. However, it costs an arm and a leg unless you get it at Jewel on one of their "Buy 2 Get 2" Days.

    You make me lolz! Keep it up.

  2. Thank you, Anonymous. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to almonds. I'm sure it's delicious, but my health insurance isn't good enough to warrant a hospital visit due to tasty cereal.

  3. Your toaster oven kicks ass!

  4. i can't believe you used Nate's pun, it got the thumbs down from me. I suggested something that involved ska, like the Toasters. And you skanking in your kitchen

  5. Neutral is spelled N E U T R A L; not N U E T R A L. Unless you were doing that on purpose to make it look more like 'Nut.' Either way, I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this anymore!

    (a) Very interested
    (b) If on winter's night a traveler
    (c) Network
    (d) Somewhat interested

  6. you're allergic to almonds too? i thought it was just cashews...or is it one of those allergic-to-every-nut-but-peanuts-because-they-are-legumes allergies?

    btw, my mom subscribes to you now. she's loves your videos like a fat kid loves cake.

  7. FYI-Copyright protection protects the artist's right to receive royalties for the use of their song. It doesn't really protect YouTube, other than protecting them from getting sued by NMH for infringing. Considering that your distribution doesn't really go that far, I tend to enjoy your videos with little offense taken, but as an advocate of musicians and their right to receive money for the use of their work, I understand YouTube's stance. Just a little food for thought (shouldn't that phrase really be "thought for food").


  8. who names there kid anonymous?

  9. wow, dude, great use of video! I am bookmarking you.... and I might copy your style.... unless... er, uh ... would that be copyright infringement? lol
    peace, mTw

  10. With confidence, I feel that Calista Flockhart can be eliminated from your list of who invented peanut butter toast since she clearly does not eat.

    I suspect that you are allergic to all 'tree' nuts, yes?

  11. matt: corrected. and (a)

    emertron: yes, all tree nuts.

    consumatron: interesting. did you purposely spell "muesli" incorrectly?

  12. Style is protected by trademark law, not copyright law. ;-)

  13. You should try the toast at AME Boutique Hotel:

    So delicious!

  14. haha, i just subscribed, but i can tell this is the beginning of a wonderful... subscription. you're great. =]