Winks, Lies, and Videotape

Didn't have time to do the breakfast mash-up I wanted to today. But this video is fun anyway.

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Thanks for watching and have a good weekend!

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  1. hey,
    its corpus, back in the dizzel you and i both slung rice at people and sometimes they were nice enough to give us a few bucks for our services. anyway, just wanted to say hey and that i too recently started to neti, and man never have i had such clean buggers.

    love the vlog keep winkin.

  2. I plugged my laptop in a nice patch of grass at the U of M in Rochester to watch this video. Gonna rock climb later, I came two hours before it opens. Idiot (me not you!)

  3. another win Craig, I'll never get sick of Free Bagel Friday or the random multiple Craigs.

    I sent you a wink! Where's my link??

  4. You are so gonna get fired if you keep punching your boss.

  5. I think you need to kick it like my chinese roommates do.

    Here is the recipe:

    Make 2 cups of rice

    Take 2 sausages and cut them into 1mm slices to cook

    Cook 1 egg like you're making scrambled eggs.

    Cook everything seperately and them put the eggs/meat together in a bowl and get a bowl for your rice.

    Eat the eggs/meat concoction like you are picking at it with chopsticks. Between the eggs and the rice, you will be full. My chinese roommates constantly feed me this when I wake up hungover.

  6. just woke up...

    trying to recall the breakfast puns that we thought of last night that I PROMISED i could recall. However, I can think of is Matt breakFast and Rick breakFast, which we didn't think of last night and doesn't help at all.

    I'd punch a boss for a free bagel in bed right now.

  7. Thanks for letting me waste my entire weekend lost in your archives!
    You bastard.
    Keep up the good work. (wink)

    ps. I am sure your boss deserved it.