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I mess around with things I don't know how to do today.

Thanks for the wink Mike Ivens:
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  1. I've never been a fan of hollandaise sauce and now even more so...that sauce looked wrong. Did you replace it with green chile sauce?
    Nice work, as always, and way to go out on a limb you've never ventured onto before.
    Happy Waiting, WW!

  2. Learned how to continue fail at vlogging.

  3. yeah, that sauce looked a little scary. But it actually tasted correct. I like hollandaise sauce and this was no exception....i mean...i didn't eat it. i ate a bagel.

  4. I learned how to be...the BEST...from you. You also "scrambled" the hell out of heart breaker. eeeh. nope.

    I also learned that I am not funny.

  5. I learned how to use live type with final cut pro.

    It only took me 3 hours and 50 minutes.

  6. Yeah I agree with TJ, your eggs are more successful than your benetar. Poached eggs are hard to do!

  7. hey dude... since you cheated on the hollandaise... I hope that bacon was at least from canadian pigs!
    peace, mTw

  8. Nice first poach!

    Next time, don't use pouched sawdust to make hollandaise...