I finally have wind resistance!

Thanks for the wink, Tracy.

My competitor:

My Howcast Video:

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  1. Soooo...we did your poll, man. We gonna see some results or what? And don't give me the sarcastic "or what" response.

    Great vid as always...disappointed that breakfast wasn't there though...your slipping, man.

  2. Jmz, was going to comment on the poll today and yesterday, but there just wasn't time. It will happen and there will be a new poll. It's hard to fit all this in during my short production time and my self-imposed runtime of under 2 minutes.

    FYI, I did eat breakfast. Smart Start. For exclusion reasons, see above.

  3. You have a competition in you. You want no one else to succeed.

  4. You should have toddly send you a video of him getting hit by no one (you) with blue or green screen in the background so you can put it in your video when you destroy him in the beard growing contest.

  5. Wait. There are five and dimes in Chicago? If the dollar stores here are any gauge, those places must really suck.

  6. I figured...just got to give you crap. Because you want it, or at least say you do. Hmmmm

    Smart start is a smart way to start your day...and it's tasty. It also takes less time to prepare than PB on toast, but that's good, too.

    Cheers...looking forward to Friday's.