Free Bangle Friday

I don't wanna lose this feeling...

Thanks for the wink, neechers:

My competitor in the beard competition:

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  1. Your boss is one hell of a "fall' guy. Way to fully commit.

  2. next time can you kick him in his crotch?? :) It would make me soooo happy.

  3. Your boss should really get a stunt double.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Totally made my morning.

  5. First of all, the word 'Fridays' needs no apostrophe. A little pet-peeve of mine. Like screwdriver's, whiskey coke's, etc. Secondly, turn down the volume on that F***ing ad!! One second I'm listening to the ducile tones of your lustrous voice doing eternal love, next there's evil tone from hell blowing my ears out. COME ON.

  6. Chio, sadly, I can't control the ad volume. I can write a stern email to blip though.

    Apologies for the apostrophe. I usually write the descriptions quickly so I can get to work on time. It has been changed.