Kellogg's Frosted Flashback

Begun, the beard growing competition has...

Thanks for the wink, jbdazen:

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  1. I think the Hood Internet should make another Wheezy Waiter appearance. Maybe this could be worked into the breakfast theme with milk (which does a body hood) or even better Maxwell House coffee (hood till the last drop)?

  2. Wow. Go you. Not sure what it'd take for me to go fully facially nekkid, but it'd be a lot. Best of luck!

  3. Sei forte! But what about my ask?

  4. noice!

    here's a suggestion for a breakfast pun: Raisin Brand New (not sure if youve heard of the band brand new or not).

    anywho, i also bought your band's album off itunes and totally love it, sir. you are AWESOME!

  5. Gah!!! The beard!!!Now we shall see if it is the source of your power.

  6. Awesome flashback. I do love the angelic chair movement. More please!