The Long Goodbye

Sometimes these things are hard to do.

Thanks for the wink, Chase:


  1. There is a variation of this where person A really wants to talk but doesn't realize or want to admit that he/she/it has nothing to say and person B just wants to run away from the repeated "that's how it is"'s and "yeah..."'s. These conversations may not be very long in reality but they sure can seem long if you happen to be person B and person A is your mother.

    Will there be more wheezy blogTV?

  2. wheezy its good to see you again!
    and what a great video i must say. probs your best in a while!
    it makes me sad that i can only experience your beardness twice a week, but i guess it makes me appreciate each video more.
    oh, also i was in Chicago and saw the restaurant you used to work at! is it fun living in Chicago?

  3. Yes, Chicago is fun, but my mortgage payments have become very expensive since I purchased the Sears Tower. Remember: it's better to buy than to rent.

    Hope you had fun in Chicago.