Pajama Jam

Thanks for the breakfast comments. Keep 'em coming.

I film in different locales in this vid. It's about time.

Thanks, Kyle Kosieracki, for the music at the very end.


  1. I was a little late on the calendar suggestion but I think you should just change all of the dates to the proper days and reuse it this year. Write small so you can use it next year too. Or use white out. There has to be a time in the future when it will be correct again. Damn leap year screws it up though. I think they invented leap year so that calendar makers would never become obsolete.

  2. for breakfast nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate. wing

  3. man, now that our dog carl is an internet star he's all like demanding belly rubs and the right to chew on anything in the house. oh wait, i guess that's nothing new.

  4. I've noticed you added a Twitter update in the sidebar. I've heard of this. Could you spend a morning eating a banana and drinking instant coffee while telling us why Twitter is the new, cool thing? ... because it sounds pretty stupid to me.

    -- Chris

  5. Dogy style is my fav'.
    Are you veggie? ..who orders macaroni cheese at a restaurant?

  6. yours truly, obviously you've never been to Kuma's. Best mac and cheese in history. And no, I'm not veggie.

    chris, don't knock it before you try it.

    Graphic, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, my parents already bought me a new calendar for Christmas. Looks like calender makers will be eating gourmet this year.